Monday, April 23, 2012

Garden Splendor

Oh I love the Spring! The garden is coming along, nicely. Seeds are starting to sprout. I am sure that is because of our crazy good weather. It was 80 degrees today! If you are in the Pacific NW then you'd know that is crazy warm for a day in April.
I got to weed the walkways around the beds today. It's such a meditative tasks and makes me break a sweat too!  I am so grateful to my friends (Christy, Tom, Larry, Sokay, Sonja, Jules and of course Andrea!) who helped me rebuild my fence last year. What great friends to come and spend the day pounding poles into the earth. We have a lot of deer in our area so we maintain a 6 foot fence around the garden.
So far I have planted lettuce, beans. peas (two varieties), carrots, and cucumbers. I noticed today that we have a some mystery squash coming up as well. I will definitely be transplanting those to a better spot. Right now they are coming up in the middle of the carrots. Oh did I say Sunflowers too? I am so excited about those!
I think I will be planting another round of carrots and peas. The first round of carrots have done nothing. It may not have been warm enough yet (until today!)
This picture is of the garden in May 2011. This year I was inspired by my sister- she plants her garden from seeds. So I followed her lead and I am happy with the results so far! i will obviously gets starts of tomatoes and maybe a pepper or two. Maybe some basil starts- oh I should get some planted for the kitchen counter. I have grown basil in the kitchen for the last few years and it is amazing to grab a fresh sprig or to add to the dish. Well I better capture my last few minutes of freedom while my son is distracted. Enjoy your day!


  1. Karin this is SO exciting! I cannot tell you how fun it is to read these posts and to see your delicious food so well captured through your professional lens! It is like nirvana. Keep up the blogging! You even made me ever-so-slightly more conscious about how many carbs I was putting in my cart at the grocery store today. Thanks for helping me make better (albeit not the super healthy, nor paleo-preferred) choices!

    PS Sorry about my "Dr. Jones" title -- this is the google account I also use to respond to my students' blogs for class. :-)

  2. Oh PPS.... My dad has ALWAYS preferred seeds to plant his gardens. Just picture it...years of April rainshowers and my father is out in the back yard sowing row after row of those huge gardens with seeds for peas, onions, lettuce and ...something else? We would always plant them on Good Friday -- something about an old farmers' tradition.....He would be SO PROUD.

  3. I just saw this post sweet friend! Thank you for checking it out! You can "subscribe" and get notices when I make another post. Although I am not a very prolific blogger. Thanks for your support! I am having fun with this blog! Miss you!

  4. Oh I just realized you did subscribe! Yay!