Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Paleo Protien Bars

Home for a little break before school starts for my son. I had a friend request a recipe for protien bars so I did a little research and found Mark' s recipe for Paleo Protein bars. So I tried to make them. I added a banana like other blogs had suggested so they don't come out crumbly. Also I didn't have honey or cranberries so I did not add a sweetener but went for chocolate chips instead of cranberries. I also decided to double the whey protein powder. I just thought if some is good then double should be better right? Ok, I always do this to recipes! I should just do it like the recipe suggests the first time right? I can't help myself!
I guess it comes from having some success. I always play with a recipe. Most time it works out great.  Well this was not one of those times! So it turned out dry and not great tasting. This thing definitely needs the honey. The chocolate chips did not make up for the sweetness.
Funny thing though. They feel really good in my body. Does that make sense? It was definitely a satisfying bite of protein. Maybe from a purely mechanical perspective. I think they have potential. Next time I will try the original recipe- without my own personal flare!!

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