Monday, September 3, 2012

Homemade Paleo Hamburgers

There are a few more days of summer left in the Pacific Northwest. We are die hards out here. We will barbeque through the rain to get that last hamburger on the grill! Paleo hamburger have been a favorite this summer. Fresh zucchini makes it easy. You can also add carrots to this recipe. Just substitute some of the zucchini for carrots. I have made this recipe with only carrots. It seemed to turn out just fine.
So you can use wheat free buns if you chose or we just use ice berg lettuce in big chunks. OMG it tastes so good with that crisp lettuce and burger juices running down my chin!
Ok So here is the recipe. You may notice that it is similar to the meatloaf recipe. It is virtually the same idea. Just form the meat into patties.

Paleo Hamburger Patties
2 lbs of grass fed ground beef
1 egg
1 c shredded zucchini
1 Tbsp Lawry's Seasoning salt
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

Mix all the ingredients together. I like to use my hands so that I can be assured that everything is mixed well. Form into patties. With this recipe you should get eight 1/4 patties or Four 1/2 pound patties. It's great to make up a few extras for your lunch. You can freeze the cooked burgers and add to a sweet potato and there you have an instant homemade paleo lunch.

Where do you get your beef? We get asked this question a lot. We buy a half or a quarter cow from a local farmer. We end up paying about $3 a pound for grass fed, anti-biotic free beef. I know the farmer she only raises about five cows a year. Mostly they do as a hobby.  It's not their main gig. They give the cows a lot of love and attention and it shows. The produce excellent meat.We choose the cuts we want. So we are $3 a pound for ground beef, steaks and pot roasts. Of course you can only get a few of some cuts but it is well worth it. Our beef comes wrapped in brown paper not plastic.

Where do you store a half a cow?!? We bought a stand up full size freezer. And think of how much we've saved in the last four years! Now it can be a little rough coming up with $400-$800 to pay for meat in one month. But we always know in advance that that bill is coming our way. It's a great money saver and it certainly is worth the health benefits to our family.

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