Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Finally back on track!

Well it has taken a month of trying to be totally paleo... again. But  I am finally on board, again. I feel so much better! And I am off sugar as well which I think is the hardest thing to do.  Grains- I love rice but I can live without it. Bread and things with wheat, well it took me about three years to kick that bad habit. And it such like a drug for me. I would be clear of wheat for weeks or months and then I would have a little and it was like an avalanche of cravings would hit me. I would then struggle for a long time fighting the craving to get clear from it again. Gluten filled items would spark such an inflammation eruption in my joints. I didn't have gastrointestinal response to gluten for me it was inflammation all the way.

Sugar is my new monster. I have been fighting it for about six months. Or maybe I should say my whole life. Sugar has always been a challenge. And I think it lies at the foot of all my challenges. Ok Maybe that was a bit dramatic. Maybe not everything that has ever gone wrong is the fault of sugar...... or is it? Well I am none the less, fighting the battle valiantly these days.

I am allowing a little bit of dairy. The occasional bite of cheese or a full fat cream with coffee on the weekend. And I am eating berries. And a few other fruits. Although I had an apple tonight~ whew eeee mama~ That was one good apple. But NOTHING with sugar as an ingredient. Chocolate has been a challenge in the past., so none of that. It's kind of like a gate way drug for me. So I will be staying away from chocolate for as long as I can hold out. When I do decide to allow a little chocolate  it will be dark- super dark. Medicinal Chocolate, you know like 88% plus.

Please send you tip or encouragement. I need all the help I can get!

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